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What Makes a “True” Hibernator?

Winter is coming… And for many animals, it’s time to get into hibernation mode. That means creating food caches, gaining some winter weight, and finding a nice burrow, den, or hideout either below the...


What a Hairdo: Porcupine Style!

Maple the porcupine’s hairdo is definitely something to be had!  Layers, natural volume and a defense mechanism…what more could you want?


Same Animal, Different Needs

Science North is currently home to two beavers: Drifter and Kashkaunashku (Kash). Generally, in the wild, beavers live together with their families. Our beavers, however, live in separate habitats and do not interact with...


Tagging Monarch Butterflies at Science North

Raising monarch butterflies from caterpillar to adult has been a staple summer experience at Science North for many years.  This year was exceptionally exciting because we watched over 30 caterpillars grow, pupate and emerge...