Two plants in the ground. One plant is talking to the other plant saying: "Watch out for aphids!" 0

Earth Day Special: Can plants communicate?

Today we’re celebrating Earth Day by exploring some of the most important organisms on our planet –  plants. Did you know that plants can communicate? This is nothing new to plant scientists, although the...


What is Citizen Science?

Doing science isn’t just for scientists!  There are tons of ways in which you can participate in real science projects by collecting data, making observations and spreading the word.


Did You See the Super Blue Blood Moon?

On January 31st, at around 7 am in Ontario, there was a partial lunar eclipse happening behind the snow clouds.  Sadly, for all of us living in Ontario, we didn’t get to see the...


Maple’s Favourite Things

Maple is coming up on six months of living here at Science North!  Time flies while we’re all learning so much from our newest animal ambassador.

Sleeping Beaver Image 0

What Makes a “True” Hibernator?

Winter is coming… And for many animals, it’s time to get into hibernation mode. That means creating food caches, gaining some winter weight, and finding a nice burrow, den, or hideout either below the...